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Just Levitate is a site where you can find information about every form of Trance in a slite fresh manor.

Welcome to Just Levitate

Welcome to our website where we try to lead you on a breezy and easy way to get acquainted with all forms of Trance.

We (Pieter and Ronald) have always been interested in the spiritual world and lately especially on the Trance area. Trance is there in multiple forms and those will we all discuss and try to explain on this site in a light-hearted way.

With this site we would like more people to be interested in Trance (make them enthusiast) and to explaint things in a light-hearted way.

We all tend to do our best to make everything as difficult as possible and Trance is soooo easy!

No hocus pocus, just a good intention, to sit quietly (and patience).

Een boom duurt ook heel lang voordat deze volgroeid is. Ronald met wat foto trucage.

We sometimes get the question wether it is possible to sit wit us on our tuesdayevening in our circle. However, the tuesdays is ´holy´ for us and we allow only people who intend to sit for us EVERY week (and if you ´sit´ for someone, your one development is growing and growing and the results that come are for the ´sitters´ and not for the medium).

Therefore we want to keep once every six weeks on Thursday an open evening.

Those Thursdays we will show on our Calendar Page.

You can sign in for those evenings through our Contact Page. The maximum number of persons on those evenings are 8 (10 with us included).

The purpose of this evening is to have a fun evening with energetic trance.

If you are interested, please register. Do not wait too long, then we can quickly start the first open evening.

Pieter and Ronald

Pieter en Ronald

We are brothers, but not of the same father and mother. And certainly we feel very connected on the spiritual level.

In our quest in Mediumship we have touched all the different kind of disciplines.

When we came into contact with Trance Mediumship we both had the same idea that this was the form which we wanted to investigate further and deeper. The recent years we visited the Arthur Findlay College only those weeks where Trance Mediumship was the central ingridient.

Arthur Findlay College

At the Arthur Findlay College are weeks in which you can be educated on al of these forms.

For more informatioan about the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted Engeland you cab go tou our link Page for the Englisch Sites.